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A Must Read – War On E-Cigarettes by the BMA!


Are You In Tune With RY4 Radio, VTTV, and EFVI?


Want to listen to RY4 Radio – Read News & Views on Their Website?

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Get yourself along and get involved too – we aren’t just a load of people who suck on e-cigs for the sake of it, radio stations like this and organisations like this work tirelessly to keep this industry safe from big tobacco and pharmaceutical intervention – we all need to be doing our own thing to help and keep campaigning and “don’t let the bastards get you down”!


The European Free Vaping Initiative Needs YOU!


This is not a Petition but a Legal Process, and the European Free Vaping Initiative Needs You to sign, share and get involved – they need 1,000000 signatures

Please click on the banner below and get involved, time is running out, there is less than 300 days – please share like crazy on all social media, let’s stop being policed by the Pharmaceuticals and Politicians – we are doing nothing wrong, we are simply choosing to get our nicotine by an alternative method than smoking tobacco cigarettes. The only crime here is that Pharmaceutical Companies are losing cash and when they lose cash, they’re not happy bunnies – why should we pay to keep them in the riches to which they’ve become so accustomed? I want to lead a healthier lifestyle and make my OWN decisions without some Nanny State telling me “it’s impossible because you have to be controlled by taxation and not what’s good for your health”.  Their objections are flawed, that’s obvious because the real killer is still on sale in every shop, garage, supermarket and even the blackmarket – their only interest is in how much money they are making, well losing actually which is worse for them and brings out the monster.

Let’s all do the right thing, this isn’t just about vapers, it’s about smokers, non-smokers, ex-smokers, children, pets and life choices being taken away from us, we have freedom of choice when it comes to buying bleach, household drain cleaner and nail varnish remover, what is so wrong with e-liquid? Just loss of cash to the big boys is all.

The overall picture is that in the UK alone some 2 million + vapers will be FORCED back into smoking tobacco cigarettes.  Ask any non-smoker if they would like to see an extra 2 million smokers in this Country and I can bet that the majority of those people would say “NO”. Smoking is proven not just to harm the smoker, but also smoke harms non-smokers, children and pets.  Vaping is not proven to harm even the vaper or non-vaper and all my non-smoking friends agree that they would prefer vaping to smoking anytime.

It is beyond belief that the WHO (World Health Organisation), the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) and the MHRA (Medical Health Regulatory Agency) are unable to ban the proven harmful tobacco products, but they are stridently imposing their steamroller vaping ban on the grounds that vaping “might” be harmful.  All of vaping’s critics miss the important point that it’s not simply a question of vaping being harmful, it is a question of whether vaping is more or less harmful than smoking, and as a vaper I know which is right.


If the WHO found that the metals used in car catalytic converters produced a low level carcinogen, would they they ban catalytic converters? What then if the car exhaust system with the catalytic converter removed, produced hundreds, even thousands of carcinogens at a much higher level, the sensible option in this example would be to keep the catalytic converter, the lesser of two evils, and research and develop a way of improving the performance of the catalytic converter. The electronic cigarette is the lesser of two evils, yet it is being portrayed as though it were a daily killer – that daily killer is here still.

Question for Governments

Why can’t tobacco products be banned altogether? I know it’s a question that no one involved in the propaganda and waging war on electronic cigarettes will ever answer, because there is no logical, sensible argument to take away or overly restrict the use of electronic cigarettes!


Do we need a ‘new settlement’ with Europe – or just a better sausage factory?


An article by Mr Clive Bates who is absolutely correct in all that he says

EU and E-Cigs

Thought Provoking Article by the revered Mr Clive Bates

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Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association United Kingdom (ECCA UK) – We are Proud Members and also Proud Members of the World Vaping Organisation (WVO)


Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association

If you wish to join the World Vaping Organisation go here

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Latest News On EU E-Cig Ban


The battle for sensible regulation of e-cigs is not yet over and can still be won!

The above is a message from Yorkshire & Humber MEP Rebecca Taylor. The latest news is that the Trialogue  did not reach agreement today(Monday 16th December) and will continue tomorrow. It is also clear that the UK Government may opt out of any EU policy, and go alone and regulate e-cigs as medicines. It appears that some E-Cig companies have been making medical claims for their products, and the Government has jumped on this saying “if they want to make medical claims, then they need a medicinal licence”. For more information, read Rebecca’s blog.

Rebecca says “What is needed right now from a UK perspective is to get increasing numbers of Westminster MPs to question the government/MHRA position”

So if you want to keep vaping, please hound your local MEP & MP, so they have to get informed, and get involved.


Stop the EU from Taking Away our Vaping Rights, Act Now


Tuesday 3rd December 2013 will see a proposal outlining what effectively is an all out BAN on electronic cigarettes and e-liquids – please act now, before it’s too late!

We need as many signatures on this Petition as we possibly can before Monday 2nd December 2013 when it will be passed over to Chris Davies MEP (Liberal Democrats)

Thank you everyone for your support and remember to share, share share!

Sign our petition to save ecigs from excessive EU regulation!


Once again, the EU are threatening our right to vape. In a bid to finalise the TPD before the end of the current EU Presidency, a new amendment has been drafted without any due democratic process that is so restrictive as to amount to a total ban on ALL currently available ecigs, juices, tanks and accessories across the entire EU.

Just weeks ago we were celebrating the vote to overturn medical regulation, but the new proposals are potentially even more damaging.

We need to act fast. The vote will take place on December 3rd and we need to make our voices heard loud and clear before then.

Please take a minute of your time to sign our petition (link below), which we will be presenting to the EU Parliament before they take this potentially disastrous vote. Support is growing fast but we don’t have a single moment to lose.

Thank you!


Ban Our E-Cigs, Oh No You Don’t!!



If you want to know how to find your MEP – please check on this list here

Dear [MEP],

I am compelled to write to you regarding the threats to the continued sale of electronic cigarettes in the UK and EU.

I understand that the EU is currently under considerable pressure to finalise the TPD under the current EU presidency and despite the ENVI decision to overturn the medicalisation of ecigarettes, the new proposals being voted on in December are so stringent and in some cases, unbelievably vague, as to amount to an outright ban on all currently available devices and liquids.

Likewise, here in the UK, the MHRA are pushing ahead with medical regulation despite October’s EU Parliament vote.

It is my sincere belief that those in the EU and UK who are concerned about the health issues related to ecigarettes (which are negligible according to the most recent medical studies) are being cynically manipulated by those who stand to lose the most, i.e. the big pharmaceutical companies who produce NRTs with a poor long term success rate. These companies know their nicotine replacement business is doomed if ecigs aren’t stamped out and they will use every trick in the book to make this happen.

Meanwhile the tobacco companies are happy to see the competition out of the way and capitalise on the market while it still exists. All a ban will do is open the floodgates on a massive, highly lucrative and potentially very dangerous, black market.

Like 1.5 million other voters in the UK, I am genuinely concerned that the one product that has helped me quit a 30 year smoking habit is about to face a de facto ban.

I accept that electronic cigarettes do need to fall under some sort of regulatory framework, but the following areas being looked at in Article 18 are to me of exceptional concern:

1) The banning of tanks, juice refills and any re-usable atomiser units. These are by far and away the most effective and most widely used products. Restricting the supply of nicotine to pre-filled cartridges will be hugely unpopular and encourage a massive black market in banned products. Making cartridges single-use will also be environmentally unfriendly.

2) Restrictions on flavourings. Flavourings play a large role in the success of ecigarettes and there is very little proof to suggest that young people are seduced by fruit, or other flavourings.

3) Restriction on nicotine content. Nicotine refills/juice should be available in varying strengths so that those moving from smoking to vaping will be able to receive a good enough dose to satisfy their needs, with the option to reduce nicotine intake as they see fit.

I do agree in the main with regard to restricting advertising so that never smokers are not attracted to a product designed to be attractive to smokers only, but I cannot support Article 18 as it stands presently and I urge you and your colleagues to reconsider these proposals.

Many thanks,

Yours faithfully,


Back to the Drawing Board?


I received this today from Chris Davies MEP

Dear Linda –

You will know that the European Parliament voted last month in support of measures intended to ensure the safety of e-cigs, and to curb any marketing directed at under-18s or intended to promote brands linked to tobacco cigarettes.

A clear majority of MEPs made clear that they wanted these controls but NOT the introduction of requirements to classify e-cigs as medicinal products in ways that may increase their cost and restrict their availability.

Negotiations have now begun between representatives of the political groups in the Parliament and the Lithuanian Presidency on behalf of the Council of Ministers (EU governments).  They aim to seek agreement on all aspects of the Tobacco Products Directive (and related matters) by the end of the month.

The big issue that divides the two sides is the regulation of e-cigs.  The Council and the Commission still want the medicinal approach.

It was the intention of Parliament’s rapporteur, Labour MEP Linda McAvan, who leads the negotiations, to leave the e-cigs issue till last.  But Liberal Democrat and Conservative MEPs have insisted that it should be put on the agenda before this, so first discussions will take place mid-month.

I am told that the strongest group in the Parliament, the European Peoples’ Party, is saying that keeping e-cigs out of medicinal regulation is a key concern for them.

This is good, but let’s not pretend that these negotiations are going to be easy.  The Commission may well come up with some words which sound as though they are a compromise but actually will not meet our concerns.

In all of this we are not helped by the attitude of the political parties in the House of Commons, all of which appear to have decided to support the medicinal approach before they heard from any e-cig users.

It would help enormously if we could persuade David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, to change their stance.  We need them to tell other Governments that they are prepared to consider seriously the approach proposed by the European Parliament.

I have spoken with Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrat Health Minister.  He tells me that he strongly supports the use of e-cigs as a means of breaking tobacco addiction, but that it is not an issue for which he has responsibility.

I am asking you to contact your MP about this to put pressure on the Government to change its approach.  It will be especially useful if you are represented by a Conservative MP.

We want them to look seriously at the amendment proposed by the European Parliament.  It meets there concerns about the need for regulation without introduction unnecessary restrictions.

They need to be reminded that it is tobacco, not nicotine, that kills 700,000 in Europe every year.  And they need to be reminded also that this is EU legislation, and even if light touch regulation is applied in the UK in other countries the medicinal approach will be much more restrictive.  We should try to prevent this.

Remember, MPs (like MEPs!) want to hear from their own constituents not from those living elsewhere.  You can find out who your local MP is and how to contact them by visiting

Personal letters are most effective, with personal e-mails as back up.  It was a single handwritten letter that I received from a constituent, describing how e-cigs had helped them cut smoking, that persuaded me to campaign on this issue.

Good luck.

I shall do what I can in Brussels and Strasbourg to try and ensure that the European Parliament holds to the position we have currently agreed.

With regards

Chris Davies MEP

Liberal Democrat environment and health spokesman =

Chris Davies MEP